Brent McCarthy was my real estate agent for my home in Chico, CA. My home was not an easy home to sell. Not only was it in the upper echelon of price but it was specific to horse owners and or avid gardeners. It was on 3.7 acres fully landscaped with a barn and other horse facilities. At the time there were no comparable comps. I knew many realtors in the Chico area, some who were friends and some who were acquaintances. I also interviewed many other realtors to find the perfect match to sell my home. From my experience as a financial adviser I feel that if a realtor does not believe in what they are selling and does not understand the specific types of markets or the essence of the property itself, the property will not sell for an appropriate price. When I first spoke to Brent I realized he had all the fore mentioned qualifications to sell my home. Brent was forthright, energetic and eager to meet my needs and concerns. He was very aware of the different real estate markets locally and nationally. He understood the complexity of my individual property and knew the different sectors that he would have to market to. In the end it was not just his understanding of the property but also his methods of how to sell and market the home that sold me. Working with Brent I found him to be a very honest individual with the ability to be very personable, compassionate at the same time professional. He kept me on the path of attainable expectations, along with keeping me apprised of what needed to be done to sell the home at a maximum price and what didn’t necessarily need to be done. He also kept me informed of what was expected of the buyers, what was expected of me and value of time in respect to the value of the property. I strongly recommend Brent to anyone selling their home. he always had my best interest at heart and I feel that his integrity far surpasses any other real estate agent in the area and his work ethic is far and beyond what is expected.

– Sandra Bella Landis